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Belize City

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Located on the east coast in the heart of the country, Belize City is the gateway to exploring Belize! It is the main center of the country and entering point for most tourists that arrive either by plane or by cruise ship. Although Belmopan was named Belize’s Capital after a devastating hurricane in 1963, Belize City remains the main place for business. A population of approx. 80,000 makes it the biggest city in the country. It is sunny almost all year long with the exception of a few showers now and then.

Belize City, Belize

Belize City is the hub of the country, with transport and boats going in all directions. Domestic flights leave from Belize Municipal Airport and the International Airport is just 30 minutes outside the city. Belize City certainly has its charm, but if time is precious and you are dedicating your vacation to just one or two hotel stays, then consider bypassing the city if connections permit.

Many colonial type houses can still be found in the Belize City! They are clearly distinct by their red roofs and wooden walls. Some places worth a visit while in Belize City are the Government House, the Anglican Cathedral, the Bliss Institute and the Paslow Building that houses the post office and the Magistrates' Court. The city offers hotels and guesthouses for all tastes and has good restaurants also. Security is an issue you should bear in mind, particularly with respect to theft. As elsewhere around the world, prudence is needed in carrying money and valuables around, and avoiding certain areas after dark.


Belize City

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