Belize Information

Belize offers many of Central America’s highlights: Sunny and warm weather with a cool Caribbean breeze all year around, incredible white sand beaches with crystal clear and blue water, all sorts of water sports including snorkeling and scuba diving, rainforest and eco tourism, and Mayan ruins/history.

Facts At A Glance:

Country Name: Belize
Area: 22,966 sq km (8,865 sq mi)
Population: 272,945
Capital city: Belmopan (7000)
People: Garifuna, Maya, Mestizo, Indian, Europeans
Language: English, Spanish, Garifuna and Maya languages
Religion: Roman Catholic (dominating), Protestants, Mennonites
Government: Democratic
Currency: Belizean Dollar (BZD)
Time: Belizean Dollar (BZD)
Electricity: 110V, 60Hz
Weights /measures: Metric

Map of Belize

Visa Requirements:

Citizens of the US, European Union and Commonwealth countries do not require visas if they have a passport and a return ticket. Most other nationalities require a visa. British embassies frequently handle Belize's diplomatic affairs.
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It feels good to be in a country where the prime minister shows up for a school function and just walks right in through the hotel with his wife. Belize has no major security issues. Where else in the world could the top man in power do this? Safety of Tourist is always a prime concern and under no circumstance will it be compromised. But remember, no matter where you are, it is always good to use "street smarts", even in the city where you live!


There are no required vaccinations for travel Belize, although in some provinces there is a malaria risk, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which posts its recommendations at

The CDC’s bible for medical recommendations is called the Yellow Book and available online. From the website’s travel section, select Yellow Book / Build Custom Report to find risk assessments for yellow fever and malaria.